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"Listening to the


of the District."

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Why Tara? 

She's Responsible 

Tara is a nurse, a small business owner, and single mother of three. Tara steps up and takes initiative to get things done. Through these experiences, Tara proves herself to be practical and efficient.

She Cares

As a nurse, especially since the start of the pandemic, Tara has been on the frontlines serving Fort Worth and risking her safety on behalf of others. When we lost water during Winter Storm Uri, Tara was on the frontline once again delivering supplies to our neighbors who needed the help the most. Tara has proven time and time again that she will do whatever it takes to give the care that Fort Worth needs.

She's Decisive

Tara makes split second decisions with no room for error in the ER. When times are tough, you can count on her to make the right choice for our community.


No other candidate has the unique knowledge, skillset, or experience that Tara brings to the table.

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Serving Fort Worth from the Frontlines

"As someone who has been serving Fort Worth in the
ER, I care deeply about finding solutions, and know that I have the capability and experience to serve District 11. The first priority of a City Council member should be to listen to the community and advocate on their behalf ."

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