Meet Tara

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Tara was born in Waco, Texas where she was raised by her Grandmother. Tara grew up in a household where putting food on the table, staying safe, and having clean clothes was a struggle her and her family faced every day. Tara is the oldest daughter of two siblings and at a young age helped raise her siblings. With the family responsibilities Tara had, she developed a strong resiliency to hardships. Tara is now a mother of three children, and comes from a big extended Hispanic family. The early hard life lessons Tara faced has shaped her into the adult woman she is today and feels a strong commitment to serve and care for her community.


Since 2016, becoming more conscious of social justice issues, Tara has actively participated in advocating for communities across DFW.  When Tara encountered the obstacles of engaging City Hall, she reached out to local community organizers and has been fully engaged with them since the Fall of 2019.  During the pandemic, she joined the newly established Criminal Justice Team at United Fort Worth and aided in the planning and execution of the Community Bail Fund to help those financially unable to navigate a cash bail system that oppresses the working class. Tara makes a concerted effort to remain available where possible, to support other grassroot efforts that create mutual aid in the community. Tara has spoken at Fort Worth City Council meetings numerous times advocating for citizen rights, accommodations, transparency, and community outreach. She believes in transparency in the decision making process, creating policies that are equitable for everyone in Fort Worth, addressing root causes that impact public safety especially in minority communities, and fiscal responsibility involving the City budget.


In her service as an ER nurse, Tara has been witness to the best and worst of humanity during her 9 plus years in nursing.

Tara has served in low income communities specifically in the emergency medicine and behavioral health sectors for the majority of her nursing career. Tara was called upon in May 2020 to serve the Latinx community, specifically the Spanish speaking community of Chicago to help fight Covid-19 in an overwhelmed ER.  Due to her sense of pride for her Hispanic roots, she answered the call.  Tara, simultaneously, continued fighting Covid in Fort Worth while addressing social justice issues that continued affecting Latinx and Black communities.