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Who Tara is

Tara Maldonado-Wilson is a small business owner and mother of three who has served as a nurse on Fort Worth’s frontlines throughout the pandemic. Tara was born and raised in Texas; she’s dedicated to servant leadership - and she’s asking for your support to represent Fort Worth’s newly drawn District 11 on the Fort Worth City Council.


Having been raised by her single mom and grandmother, Tara understands the struggle that comes with being economically disadvantaged and she is passionate about the role good government can play in empowering families. She learned to be resilient and compassionate and she developed a strong work ethic and determination to succeed and give back.


That's why during the height of the pandemic Tara traveled to hard-hit Hispanic communities to provide desperately needed bilingual medical care. And when the electrical grid failed across Texas, she ensured her neighbors were safe by delivering food and water throughout her community.

Why She is Runnning

Tara is running because she believes the constituents of this new minority opportunity district deserve to be represented by someone who knows what it's like to be in the minority. And as the representative of neighborhoods that have been overlooked for decades, she comes to the table ready to listen - but also ready to talk about the issues that really matter to the people here. 


At council meetings following the death of Atatiana Jefferson, Tara was frustrated by how many of the community’s questions and concerns weren’t being addressed, and how people who wanted to participate in the process were frozen out and bogged down with arbitrary rules and procedures.  She found her voice standing for justice and accountability and she is dedicated to representing and fighting for the people of District 11.

Why She Can Win

In 2021, with an honest determination, a grassroots campaign of dozens of small donors and volunteers, and a lot of hard work, Tara came within 100 votes of forcing a two-term Republican incumbent into a run-off. This was a clear indication that voters are ready for change. 


In the years since, Tara kept working, she continued to connect with people and form coalitions - and the campaign has grown into a movement. It has brought together people from all walks of life who believe good government is about economic growth and jobs and development - but also that those things don't mean much if we aren’t intentional and equitable in allocating the benefit and costs.  


Today, the same issues that motivated Tara to get involved are still the reality that residents of District 11 face every day. She wants to make sure that the neighborhoods in District 11 that have historically been disenfranchised or overlooked have a strong voice. And as a proud Latina from humble roots who pursued education and committed herself to giving back -  she’s the right person for the job.


Meet Tara

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