Tara's Priorities

"I’ve witnessed the manner in which City Council interacts with the constituents of Fort Worth, how community members' concerns for their homes, livelihoods, and well being have been disregarded. As a result,  I've realized the way Fort Worth is being governed must change. I believe that the following are the core issues we must address to help communities in District 4."

  • Investing in our communities first should be a priority. Your tax dollars should be carefully allocated with a focus on seeking creative solutions to address future growth.

  • Our roads are too congested.  Families in District 4 waste too much time sitting in traffic.  Tara is focused on efficient infrastructure planning to address the overcrowding of our streets and uncontrolled urban sprawl.

  • Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy.  Tara is focused on assisting small business owners through creating programs aimed at helping them thrive.

  • Tara's door will always be open to everyone.  She is committed to transparency by keeping constant communication with all communities and residents in the district.

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