Campaign Values

I’ve witnessed the manner in which City Council interacts with the constituents of Fort Worth, how community members' concerns for their homes, livelihoods, and health have been disregarded. As a result,  I've realized the way Fort Worth is being governed must change. I believe the following are some of the core solutions to tackling some of the root issues that face our communities:

  • Create accessibility and provide transparency to information at City Hall to make it easier for community members to be involved in governing Fort Worth. Through tax revenue, Fort worth community members fund the way the City Council envisions Fort Worth. The vision of Fort Worth should be in the hands of the people, since they’re funding this City, with Communities of Color being an emphasis, who are too often an afterthought in the process.

  • Investing in all communities should be a priority. City spending should be carefully allocated for each community in Fort Worth to ensure that community members have access to affordable housing, resources, and local infrastructure.

  • Responsible spending through ensuring the City budget is allocated fairly and oversight of the budget is in place with reviews occurring regularly to ensure tax dollars are not wasted or used inappropriately.  Implementing effective metrics for all City Departments and City business will help attain this goal.

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